Monday, September 26, 2005

Speaking of mass-media whoring...

I watched some of Aaron Brown on CNN tonight. A short segment purported to take on the "question" of whether global warming had anything to do with the destructive power of Katrina and Rita. Arguing that there is (to a greater or lesser degree) a strong case that human activity is making these things worse were a parade of bona fide academics. Arguing to the contrary (because hey, that's what fair and balanced news is all about) was some guy (I think it was Steven Milloy) from the Cato Institute.

Now I thought Cato was about winger politics, not swimming upstream on science. So I let my fingers do the googling. And I found this brilliant summary of the way global warming "experts" including the Cato clan, have been created, bought and paid for by Exxon.

Yo, CNN... don't you think this is just a wee bit relevant to the "he said, she said" nonsense that you seem to think qualifies as journalism?


Blogger Elegance said...

I didn't watch the CNN interview, but I've read in our local newspapers that a high official of an American scientific institute declared that the Katrina had nothing to do with the global warming and that's only a phenomenon of the ocean... yeah sure... and I have the word stupid written on my forehead (una gilipollez como una casa)

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