Monday, August 08, 2005

While we're on the subject...

The Raw Story Wall Street Journal: 'Liberal press pack' owe Novak apology

The Journal's editorial slant has always been conservative, to say the least. But I don't remember them being so overtly, over-the-wall, full-Regnery bonkers as this:

But far from "watching" Mr. Novak, we've defended him while the rest of the press corps has assailed him for doing his job and breaking the news about Valerie Plame's role in getting her husband Joe Wilson a job as a CIA consultant.

"As long ago as February 2004 ("The Novak Exception"), we warned that the media would regret their demand for a special counsel to discover Mr. Novak's sources, since that same counsel would eventually turn on them. And so the special counsel has, sending Judith Miller of the New York Times to jail for contempt. The members of the liberal press pack owe Mr. Novak an apology, not vice versa.
The DOL gets an apology from me when they pry it from my cold, dead fingers. But seeing this tortured logic coming from the Journal had a salutary effect: the dime finally dropped for me on this whole how-Wilson-got-the-gig line of attack:

If you wingnuts think the provenance of a guy's job is important, can we please go back to talking about how a few of the things on George W. Bush's resume got there? Like, oh, I don't know, pilot? Member of the Texas Air National Guard? Part owner of the Texas Rangers? Director of Harken Oil?

Oh, and the that whole Bush v. Gore thing while we are at it? Thanks -- I knew you'd see the parallels. Your logical consistency is greatly appreciated.


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