Sunday, August 07, 2005

One step closer to end game?

Digby looks at the latest from Murray Waas and Ariana Huffington, and notes that the revelation that Judith Fucking-Miller met with Scooter Libby just a few days before Novak outed Valerie Plame points out some serious contradictions between word and deed from the White House (not there is anything unusual about that).

Libby, interestingly enough, has not given the kind of waiver of confidentiality the Queen of Iraq claims to need to talk her way out of jail. Digby sees the problem:

The white house cannot get away with saying they are cooperating with the prosecutor by not talking --- and then not require the staff to fully cooperate with the prosecutor.

The are the makings of a perfect fork here: If Libby can be prodded into giving a public, unambiguous waiver, then either Judy talks, which Fitzgerald (and the rest of us) believes will complete his case, or she still refuses to talk, which blows the "1st Amendment martyr" shtick to hell -- and the whole Judy-as-reporter charade likely comes tumbling down as well.

All it will take now is one reporter with a smidgen of conscience to ask Shrub point blank: "Judith Miller is in jail protecting Scooter Libby. Why hasn't Libby given Judith Miller a full waiver, and why haven't you fired him for refusing to do so?"


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