Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Rovegate questions

Looking back at the "bring it on"-style comments our bullshitter in chief made about his lack of knowledge about who leaked Plame's identity, I have to wonder: why? If his very own Turdblossom made the decision to burn a CIA asset without checking with his boss, I would have to admit that even I underestimated the extent of Shrub's absence from his own administration.

More likely is that he knew all along. So if he knew, why did he feel free to lie about it, and to send McClellan out to do more of the same?

This, I think, is exactly what they mean by the old saying about how power corrupts. These guys have gotten away with so much for so long that they begin to believe that nothing will ever catch up with them, and they stop worrying about consequences and the hobgoblin of consistency.


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