Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Reid: going for Gonzo?

Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid on Wednesday pronounced Attorney General Alberto Gonzales qualified to sit on the Supreme Court but added, "I don't know if he'd have an easy way through" Senate confirmation.

Reid also chided conservatives for criticizing Gonzales, a potential high court nominee, while President Bush was overseas. "I think it's too bad the president has to respond in Denmark about statements from the far right," he said. "People here have gone a little too far."

My first reaction upon reading this was that our man Harry is out of his mind. That may indeed still be the conclusion I reach after watching things play out.

But my second thought was, "crazy like a fox." Think about what a lightning rod Reid has become for the radical right. Now think about how the wingnuts have been trying to get a handle on the idea of Gonzo as a Supreme. They worry he is too soft on abortion. Bush tries to preempt the right-wing shitstorm, but the wingers remain on the cusp of insurrection.

Enter Harry. How will the Spongedob crowd react to the announcement that Gonzo is OK with Harry Reed? My guess is they go into full-tilt hysteria, convinced that Gonzo cut a deal to uphold Roe in exchange for the Democratic blessing.

Crazy like a fox.


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