Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Al Neuharth's crocodile tears

courtesy skippy the bush kangaroo:

after reading al neuharth's crocadile tear-stained editorial "what iraq needs is a walter cronkite," we sent a letter to the editor (actually to mr. neuharth himself) at usatoady:
dear mr. neuharth:

we read your op-ed piece of june 30 titled "what iraq needs is a walter cronkite," in which you bemoan the lack of a national figure that america trusts to tell the truth about that war.

we can only assume you were writing with irony, mr. neuharth. it's certainly too bad you don't know anybody who runs a national newspaper that all of america reads, because then you could get them to publish the truth about the iraq war.

you could get your friend to continually run stories about the downing street memos, which the international press has been writing about for over two months, and which prove that the british government knew that george bush had plans as early as july of 2002 to invade iraq , but wanted to frame the reasons for the war in a way that the american public would accept (in other words, lies about weapons of mass destruction).

Excellent point. We have reached such a nadir that what ought to be seen as hand-wringing cowardice now passes for bravery.


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