Sunday, June 19, 2005

Spanking the lapdog

Guardian Unlimited Politics | Special Reports | New US move to spoil climate accord

Extraordinary efforts by the White House to scupper Britain's attempts to tackle global warming have been revealed in leaked US government documents obtained by The Observer.
These papers - part of the Bush administration's submission to the G8 action plan for Gleneagles next month - show how the United States, over the past two months, has been secretly undermining Tony Blair's proposals to tackle climate change.

The documents obtained by The Observer represent an attempt by the Bush administration to undermine completely the science of climate change and show that the US position has hardened during the G8 negotiations. They also reveal that the White House has withdrawn from a crucial United Nations commitment to stabilise greenhouse gas emissions.

Part of the quid pro quo by which a godfather manages his troops is loyalty. So it is mystifying to me how Bush expects to keep his British lapdog loyal to him when Bush keeps buggering Blair at every opportunity. Maybe Blair himself is the source of all the docs that have been coming out in the UK papers...


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