Saturday, February 25, 2006

Throw them lifelines

The trickle of war hawks and conservatives jumping the Bush ship is rapidly becoming a flood.

Now we have William F. Buckley's apostacy on Iraq. And Andrew Sullivan's. Bruce Bartlett has gone all Dick Clarke on Dubya's ass, as has godfather Francis Fukayama. That list will only grow at this point.

Lots of folks on our side (that is, the folks who were right all along) are sounding very smug, which is fine, and beating up on the damned fools, which feels good but is counterproductive.
As much fun as it is to beat them up for their previous stupidity, we need to take a somewhat higher road here. The most important things are to stop the madness and bring down the capos.

We need to lay off the 'told you so's -- they only make it harder for the weebles to wobble our way.

So welcome to the reality based community, Bill and Andrew and Bruce and Dick. We need you.

I'm heading out of town for a long weekend, and probably will not be able to post. Please play quietly among yourselves. And Dr. Bloor -- ahem.


Anonymous Keith said...

I got to it kind of late, but thanks meme for writing about Fukuama. I e-mailed all the bloggs I could and posted coments but it took a while to get people to see it. I think I should recieve more publicity. Mabie people don't think it is signifigant as I do but people need to see it. Especially the 40% who still suport bush.

5:53 PM  
Blogger <-<--esoder<---<----<----- said...

They are seeing it - Bush's approval rating is down to 34% tonight.

It's not enough to beat people up over a single issue. The trick is to get them to start looking at other issues with new eyes. That whole tipping point concept. Or dominoes. People can let a lot of things go, and all it takes is one major issue to get things rolling. It's easier for people to say "After this, I can now see that and that and that were wrong too."

10:53 PM  

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