Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Fighting Terror with Terror

Newly inflammatory @ Raw Story.


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"Yet the Administration has mounted consistent legal and political defenses of the morally and strategically indefensible."

I think they are fighting it because they are absolute sticklers about the law. They have no morality, and so they are sticklers about the law. Who cares if it is immoral or if it doesn't work, as long as it is legal, they will never be held accountable.

It's the same thing with the Plame case. If no "law" was broken, then nothing is wrong and they can't be punished. And the extended thinking is that they never would have lied if they weren't called to testify and they shouldn't have been called to testify because no law was broken.

It's the same with why we won't recgonize the authority of the International Criminal Court - they might be held accountable. They say "our troops might be unfairly charged for politcal reasons." Well, guess what, some of our soldiers would be fairly charged. Starting with those who have been court martialled already. But by their actions, we know they don't care about the troops. The neocons care only about themselves. And they don't want to be tried for abuses when they occur whether or not they were officially condoned or even encouraged.

It's also the same with "enemy combatants." People's, including some American citizen's, civil and constitutional rights are being violated every single day and the neocons won't be held accountable. Why? Because they had these people "legally" declared to be not people, but enemy combatants.

Ouch, I need a Tums. I can't let myself get all worked up like that right before bed.

But MAN! Great prose at the end of that article:

And of course, our descent into such unspeakable tactics explains another, shameful mystery: why the evil we fight has become so difficult to distinguish from the evil we have become.

I could spend an afternoon parsing all that. That's good f'ing writing and I bow before it.

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