Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Novakula predicts the next SCOTUS nominee... as do I

Robert Novak: The next madame justice

Bob Novak predicts it will be Priscilla Owen. He has better sources than I do, but (surprise, surprise) I beg to differ with his conclusion.

I predicted before Roberts got the nod that Janice Rodgers Brown would be his pick. Now that the Katrina disaster has made race a front-burner question, I think it is even more likely that she will be picked this time.

Bush's approach to this issue has been remarkably consistent: "Ah cain't be no racist -- look at Condi and Colin!" A few high profile appointments are used as a sort of beard to hide the real ugliness. Appointment of a black woman to the Supremes is going to look like a solution to these bozos.


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