Tuesday, September 06, 2005

It isn't a %!**#$ game

White House: Leave Blame Game for Later

For once, a significant percentage of the press seems to be telling the White House to shove its spin where the sun don't shine They seem to implicitly understand what no one seems to be explicitly pointing out: Although most of us are convinced that heads should roll, the urgency to push aside the incompetent has little to do with blame. Thinking people want Chertoff, Brown and others to step aside because there is a massive and complex job to be done, and they have shown beyond a shadow of a doubt that they don't a have a clue how to do it. The Bush Administration has tried to institutionalize a policy of rewarding, and thus perpetuating, failure. We've had enough.

To use a metaphor our former baseball man in chief might actually understand, it ain't the blame game to remove a pitcher who loads up the bases in the first inning with consecutive 4-pitch walks. Pulling the pitcher is how you try to stop future damage. What would Dubya have said if a Texas Rangers pitcher in that situation had refused to hand the ball to his manager, insisting that it was not the time to lay blame?

And by the way, Mr. President: baseball is a game. Letting untold numbers of Americans die preventable deaths through apathy, neglect and incompetence is not a %!**#$ game.


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