Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Barking at the moon

from Billmon& the Poorman:

As incensed as I am by the crook running the show, I reserve my existential despair for our very own Keystone Kops.

We now have some fairly solid evidence refuting the old Social Darwinist idea that inherited wealth is a byproduct of superior genes. Unfortunately, the evidence also happens to be the ranking Democrat on the Senate Whitewash Committee (aka the Senate Intelligence Committee.)
For reasons known only to himself, Rockefeller agreed to let Roberts and his staff attack dogs savage Joe Wilson and the CIA before last year's election in exchange for that hypothetical "promise" to check out the administration's end of the scam after the election.
But there's good old Jay, standing there on the street corner in his school tie and blazer, waiting for his "friend" to come back with the dime bag he said he was going to buy when he ducked down the alley three hours ago -- with Jay's money.
That heady Forrest-Gumpish mix of gullibility and dim-wittedness is popping up all over the place. Witness the model of effectiveness that is the senior Senator from the blue state of California, who is so incensed at the "delay" in kicking off phase two that she -- get this -- writes a letter:
I am increasingly dismayed by the delay in completing the Committee’s ‘Phase II’ investigation into intelligence prior to the Iraq War. As you know, the Committee voted unanimously on February 12, 2004 to investigate five questions on pre-war intelligence, including use of intelligence by policymakers. Nearly eighteen months later, much work remains before these questions will be satisfactorily answered.
Ummm ... Ms. Feinstein? If you think that the best you can do in seeking justice from Washington is writing letters to various Senators, you are a fair-to-middling constituent, but that is well below par here. See, you ARE a damned Senator. You are the one WE are supposed to write to, so that YOU can actually do something.

The thing that scares me is that while the wheels are falling off the Republican machine, the guys in the white hats are playing true to form and doing their level best to Bill Buckner up the damned thing.

You have collectively buggered this one up, folks. I point this out not because I expect you to learn from the experience -- you won't -- but because I don't see much of an alternative here to barking at the moon here.


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