Sunday, April 10, 2005

All men are Socrates

Senator likens stem-cell study to Holocaust

A Republican state senator from Yakima reignited a controversy yesterday by comparing stem-cell research to the Holocaust, just weeks after House Republicans apologized for making a similar remark.

Holocaust survivors and Jewish leaders contend that it's grossly inappropriate to hold up genocide as the moral equivalent to scientific research that could alleviate disease and suffering.

Nonetheless, Sen. Alex Deccio, R-Yakima, did just that yesterday, saying that government policies allowed the Holocaust and genocide in Africa -- and that those victims were at one time embryos.

In their own elliptical way, these guys are actually doing a pretty good job of refuting Darwin, you know. In a world governed by natural selection, the genotype for such world-class logical asshats would have joined moa birds, sabre-toothed tigers and woolly mammoths in God's own recycle bin.


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