Wednesday, January 05, 2005

You can't even SEE reality from here

In an article about Alberto "Anything Goes" Gonzales and his inexorable march to the top law enforcement job, USA Today has a stunning quotes about our Codpiece in Chief.

Along the way, it gives an unintentionally telling endorsement of the A.G. in waiting:

Ed Meese, a friend of President Reagan and his attorney general from 1985 to 1988, says a president needs a Justice Department chief “in whom he has complete trust. From that standpoint, Alberto Gonzales is an excellent choice.”

There can be no higher praise in my book than the approval of Wedtech shill Ed Meese.

But the parallel universe part of the story comes when the story tries to find an explanation for Bush's support of his rudderless consigliere that does not require reference to his toadying:

The son of Mexican immigrants with little formal education, Gonzales had ascended from a childhood home in Houston with no hot water or telephone to the Air Force, Rice University and Harvard Law School. Gonzales' against-all-expectations success impressed Bush.

Bush “likes somebody he sees as having overcome potential disadvantages, because he sees himself as having done that,” says Paul Burka, executive editor of Texas Monthly magazine and a close follower of the president.

This is so wingnut-normal -- the wealthiest, most spoiled, pampered, immune-from-the-law, undeserving dimwit ever to be born on third base and think he hit a triple dumb shit president in our nation's history identifies with his rags-to-lapdog of luxury hit man because he, George Walker Bush, also triumphed over adversity. Once over that intellectual high hurdle, belief in WMDs, victory in Iraq and other geopolitical tooth fairies comes without effort.


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