Saturday, December 04, 2004

Bush Opposes Delay on Iraq Vote

President Bush on Thursday rejected calls for postponement of Iraq's parliamentary election, insisting that "it's time for the Iraqi citizens to go to the polls."

Adhering to established administration policy, the president's declaration also sent an unwavering signal in the face of calls for delay from Sunni Muslim and Kurdish figures in Iraq, as well as some other leaders around the world.

"We are very firm on the Jan. 30 date," Bush told reporters at the White House.

Both Secretary of State Colin L. Powell and Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld, in separate appearances Thursday, joined in Bush's demand that the election go forward as planned. The administration push came after interim Iraqi President Ghazi Ajil Yawer, a Sunni tribal leader, added his support for holding the election as planned despite pleas for postponement by those concerned that violence would make voting impossible in large areas of the country.

The direction this is going is now painfully clear. Iraq will be ready for elections in January, despite all objective evidence to the contrary, just because Dubya says so. The elections will be declared legitimate, even though huge pieces of the country will be too scared to vote, or will die trying. And Maximum Leader will again declare Mission Accomplised, and promptly withdraw our troops a la Saigon 1975. Iraq will struggle with a civil war that will last many years and cost thousands of lives, but none of them will be our troops, and so none of them will register here.

Our troops will come home. And somewhere around the midterms, Iran will become an a threat to the US because of its nuclear program, and the cycle will repeat.

Welcome to Neocon Valhalla.


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