Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Shelling of Falluja Resumes

Let's review, shall we? It was reported earlier that the bulk of the high-value targets had slipped out of Falluja even before the onslaught began. We've learned that the Sunnis are so pissed about what we are doing there that they are jockeying to torpedo the January elections.

Now we have gone back to bombardment. You don't bomb cities in countries that are about to have elections. You don't bomb cities in a country you claim to have under control.

If most of the so-called insurgents (and I am increasingly uncomfortable with that terminology -- it is their country, dammit) have in fact vamoosed, then who are we bombing? My guess is there are only a handful of fighters left, but they seem perfectly capable of tripping up the U.S. military. If so, we are going to be repeating this charade ad infinitum.

It is starting to look like everything the military feared about fighting an urban war is coming true. Good thing we have Rummy and Condi to sprinkle pixie dust on everyone.


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