Sunday, May 25, 2008


Atrios said he couldn't even watch.

I watched the second half, and fought back tears.

I remember watching the whole drama unfold in real time. I was even briefly in DC during the thick of it.

I remember feeling disappointment, but I was not blessed (or cursed) with the foreknowledge of how momentous the effects would be.

I remember being outraged at the utterly transparent nonsense from the Supremes, but I had come to the conclusion long before that the Court was a political animal, so I saw it as a difference in degree, but not in kind.

Perhaps the most amazing thing is this: I'd bet that Scalia and Thomas think, even now, that their treachery all worked out for the best.

I also remember being told back then by someone far lefter than me that there just wasn't much difference between Gore and Bush anyway. I strongly disagreed.

I can't think of a major issue today that wouldn't have been avoided or reduced had the actual winner been sworn in as President in January 2001.

Happy Memorial Day.


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