Saturday, May 03, 2008

Name that year!

Gas prices have Americans stampeding to buy smaller vehicles.

"It’s easily the most dramatic segment shift I have witnessed in the market in my 31 years here," said George Pipas, chief sales analyst for the Ford Motor Company.

The trend toward smaller and lighter vehicles with better mileage is a blow to Detroit automakers, which offer fewer such models than Asian carmakers like Toyota and Honda.
Talking about the 1973 oil crisis?


The 1979 crisis?


This NOCHA moment was brought to you by the dumbest companies on planet Earth. And their enablers.


Blogger malcontent said...

Thank you for pointing out the obvious. Sometimes people are to busy or too stupid to realize that we use too much gasoline because our cars are so frickin' huge.

Case in point:

I have avoided the nastiness we call the presidential elections for so long that I was dumbstruck by the mendacity/rock-headedness of this Salon article today:

How does anyone with a sense of survival avoid obvious solutions so consistently?

Even when market forces can do the dirty work, George Frost is inclined to...pass more legislation! "The better long-term approach -- given the lack of political spine by any U.S. politician on this subject -- is higher efficiency standards, and big-time investment into transportation alternatives."

When I used to sell cars for a living we had a phrase for this- tripping over quarters to pick up nickels.

6:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Inasmuch as the American car manufaturers seem to be in bed with the oil cartels, I'd have to say they deserve every ounce of scorn they can get. When did it become enviable to own an SUV?

4:10 AM  

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