Friday, April 25, 2008

Hillary meets the Rapture

Watching Hillary's bizarre, opportunistic travels through places like Richard Mellon Scaife's offices, an analogy struck me.

Think about the bizarre alliance between millennialists like Rev. Hagee and the pro-Israel cabal. The folks who are just sure the Second Coming is both prophesied and imminent are Israel's bestest buddies -- not because they like the Chosen People (Jews, after all, reject their most basic beliefs, and are going to end up in Hell as a direct result), but because the Rapture monkeys are sure that war in the Holy Land will trigger Armageddon, and usher Jesus back to earth.

Why do the Joe Liebermans and AIPACs of the world allow themselves to be used for this obviously hostile purpose? Because of the benjamins, natch. The Reverend Hagees of the world get to help bring on the End of the World; The friends of Israel pocket some serious walking around money in the meantime. Everybody is happy -- well, other than the thousands or millions who would die if the Rapturers got their wish.

Now think of how all those same nutjobs are suddenly embracing Hillary Clinton. The dynamics are essentially the same. Scaife et al. are playing classic the-enemy-of-my-enemy tactics. They know that Obama is going to be the Democratic nominee, and that Hillary's delusions cannot change that fact. But they also know that feeding those delusions is a great way to accomplish their underlying goal -- rough up the inevitable nominee, sow havoc among Democrats, and thereby help John McCain.

In both cases, one party to the exchange is delusional, while the other coolly calculates the benefits that come from flattering the crazies. The objective absurdity of what Hillary and Hagee hope for is the very engine that makes both juggernauts go.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hillary too knows that Obama is going to be the nominee. She remains in the race to mud him up. This says more about this fugly mean bitch than any primary outcome!

7:28 AM  

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