Sunday, December 16, 2007

Voice in the wilderness

Atrios, 12/15/07:
The Way Forward

We need a Democratic president so that the Republicans and their Blue Dog allies in Congress are finally inspired to take back the executive power grabs that they temporarily thought were necessary for the survival of the nation.

What this will mean in practice is that Democratic president will face a firestorm of "scandal" which will make Monica Madness pale in comparison. The powers that Bush claimed will be turned against a Democratic president and will likely be their undoing.

And this scenario is much better than the alternative.

Yr humble scribe, 10/10/07:
Why electing a Democrat matters

Not because Hillary will foreswear torture and illegal wiretapping and secrecy and renditions. Not because she will embrace the joys of checks and balances in January 2009.

She won't.

It matters because the Republican party will miraculously rediscover the Constitution the day she takes office.

And because, unlike their invertebrate Democratic colleagues, they will find ways to hamstring her regardless of the number of seats they hold in Congress.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wait, wait, wait…. Did I miss something? What has changed since

On 10/10/07
Yr not so humble foil said...

Been reading your Machiavelli lately, huh? Keep the forces in balance, always playing against each other while you move toward your goal.

Well, the problem is it doesn't work for humans. At best it works to preserve systems. For us flesh'n'blooders, its a sure way to die a slow painful death.

Try again…


Then I added

…if the power is never given back, not even a little bit, the only possible result is that more people die. So, now what is the prescription for this sorry state of affairs? To try and slow down the machine? How the hell does that help? The best that's ever been done is to slow down the RATE OF INCREASE in the scope of the machine. No 'leader' ever gives back power, no machine or system is ever tamed. There is only one example throughout history of how you get rid of oppressive government. What else is there to say?


Why do you conclude I am asking rhetorical questions?


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