Monday, December 17, 2007

Not dead yet

I was ready to begin writing an epitaph, an announcement that the Republic should be declared legally dead. My only uncertainty was whether there was any point in ever writing another blog post.

But incredibly and improbably, the courage and fortitude of one man has brought a stay of execution for our comatose Constitution. Chris Dodd left the Iowa campaign trail to threaten a filibuster against the vile FISA bill Harry Reid insisted on bringing to the Senate floor, and it worked -- at least for now.

Blogs in general, and certainly this one in particular, tend toward criticism rather than praise. There are numerous villains who deserve scorn here -- Reid, Feinstein, even Ted Kennedy (who voted for cloture before arguing against the Intel Committee bill. But tonight I salute the gentleman from Connecticut. Thank you, sir.

The clock has been reset to 11:59.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

When your girlfriend cuts up your clothes with scissors, smashes your computer with a sledgehammer, burns all your books, bank records and photographs, sends your dog to the pound and calls the cops because you are now a stalker outside your own house, but waits 24 hours after beginning her rampage to change the locks on the doors, you take hope?

When your government, the government of the people by the people and for the people intentionally and maliciously destroys the contract with its citizens, shredding forms of behavior and social agreements that extend back close to 800 years, you think that stopping briefly to catch their breath before plunging forward is a positive sign? Do you seriously think the Senate will backtrack after the new year?

When the government says that no matter who you are you are already in violation of one law or another because they wrote laws just to make sure you were in violation of one or another, how can you think there is a government? In today's world, everyone is already defined as a criminal before they take any action. When the people have not long since taken to the streets rioting and burning anything to do with a "government" that is no more because it was stolen wholesale by REAL criminals, how can you think there is a "country"?

No constitution, no government, no social contract, no group of citizens that can be said to be defending itself…. What does that suggest? Tyranny creating the anarchy it claims to be against, to justify any measure it likes? You can't even hold a revolution if no one shows up. Where does that leave YOU?

The first job any reporter gets at a newspaper is often writing obits. Hope you studied your craft well. I know you were a man of the law, but we don't need those anymore. You don't have a place to practice your old craft. Epitaph is the wrong word/concept. Those are reserved for marking a place where a body is buried. In this case there ain't no BODY home, no grave and nowhere to grieve. Last one out turn out the lights.


3:36 AM  

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