Thursday, November 22, 2007

Deep Thoughts

As we once again give thanks amid so much death, destruction, corruption and evil done in our names, I reflect upon many things. There are so many ironies, hypocrisies and contradictions at work in the Great Millennial War on A Tactic, but here is one that I have not seen much discussed:

The Neocons continually trip over each other in their mad rush to give up their (read our) freedoms in order to preserve order and protect us from occasional acts of random violence, yet insist it is all made worthwhile by our efforts to give the blessings of those very freedoms (at gunpoint, to be sure) to the Iraqis who arguably had just the sort of ordered, freedom-free society they covet -- before we took it away from them.

The reason the neoconservative mission seems so contradictory at the surface is that, if you dig down to root causes, it is even more contradictory at root.

Happy Thanksgiving, all.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Completly off topic but, Scott McClelland is now saying the Idiot in Chief was mislead, he didn't do the misleading. Scotty is backing down from the posted excerpt. Which makes me think...either they got to him, as in a death treat to him or his family, or the gambit worked and Scotty's off-shore account just got a whole lot bigger.

3:34 AM  

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