Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A few good links

Cluttering my browser:


The Conservative Brain

The Myth of al Qaeda


DOJ chutzpah

And several newspapers appear to have screwed up and put George Will's name on an OpEd actually written by Paul Krugman.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Details, details. Who needs 'em?

The rules for exercising power are few, and simple:

Pull the lever. If it doesn't produce the desired result, throw it away and get another lever. Keep pulling levers until the desired result is achieved. Then buy lots of those levers. Better still, get the government to buy you lots of those levers… right after you have purchased the factory that makes those levers.

It really doesn't matter how they lie, cheat, steal or kill. It only matters that they are allowed to keep doing it as long as there are people to rule. If they can get you to focus on the details (and remember, it doesn't matter if they are the RIGHT details or not), then they have you all tied up and you are no longer any threat.

When my father told me how the election of '52 was stolen and how people were intimidated to vote for Ike (e.g. threats of losing their jobs), I was very young and naive. I asked him how that could happen and he fluffed an answer. However, I saw deep sadness and pain in his face and never asked him about those things again. He clearly didn't want to think about how it could happen. Still, I started thinking that it must be at least possible to understand how the circus works.

It is. Don't bother with the details. Look at who gets what and ask yourself if the folks at the top could EVER, possibly, in a hundred thousand lifetimes, deserve what they have. Once you ask that question you don't need to know the details of how they came by it.

And, if you are not so deeply saddened as my old man, perhaps you are angry instead. Then you'll know what to do.


2:52 PM  
Blogger El Tiburon said...

George Will has obviously been listening to OBL and reading Noam Chomsky.

George Will is an unhinged, lefty blogger.

It feels creepy just writing that.

4:43 PM  

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