Thursday, July 26, 2007

More on "No End In Sight"

Salon has an interview with filmmaker Charles Ferguson that is worth a read. Ferguson confirms, I think, the perspective I saw behind his film -- he (a) supported the decision to go to war in Iraq, and (b) thinks failure was not inveitable.

As mentioned in my review below, I think he makes a strong case for (b). I also think his initial support for the war goes a long way toward explaining his lack of interest in questioning (a).

See the film, and draw your own conclusions. And share your thoughts here, why doncha?

Update: My prognostiscope seems to be fully functional. Just as I predicted in Meme on Film, here is Hullabaloo's Tristero teeing off on "No End In Sight."

I will happily concede that there is an "angels-on-pinheads" aspect to the question of whether the odds of success (whatever that means) were 1 in a billion or zero in a billion. But I am reminded of a line from the Daily Show about how where most of us have gray matter, neocons have black-and-white matter.


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