Saturday, June 09, 2007

I have seen the Apocalypse

I saw it yesterday on CNN.

Actually, the Apocalypse is CNN.

I had the TeeVee on mute, but the non-stop coverage of the police car ferrying Paris Hilton from home to courthouse is not reporting on an outrage. It is the outrage.

There are important, interesting issues six inches to either side of Ms. Hilton's pampered, overexposed, overindulged, undernourished ass. Prison overcrowding. The mental health care system in America. And, of course, this country's mentally unhealthy obsession with people like Paris Hilton.

Not to mention all the important assaults on the Constitution and other social bulwarks that CNN and its cohorts effectively endorse through neglect while they are rubbernecking at ... what, exactly? Can someone actually explain (as CNN would justify it) why Paris Hilton warrants (pardon the pun) wall-to-wall coverage?

When Angelyne became (slightly) famous for being famous almost twenty years ago, I found it amusing. Not any more. The masses are settling for some sorry-ass excuses for opiates now.

I used to be amused. Now I'm just disgusted.


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