Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Hitting for average

Sometimes I get it right, in classic right-but-too-soon fashion.

Me, September 2005:

If one-shot learning is indeed taking place, Bush’s poll numbers are not coming back. Once reality blocks the efficacy of Karl Rove’s pixie dust, you can no longer not see what an empty suit Bush is. Indeed, once the spell is broken, the artifice used to maintain the illusion is likely to offend where once it enthralled. And perhaps, if we are really lucky, people will grow a little more resistant to the cynical legerdemain of an optical illusion masquerading as President.

The poll numbers keep slipping, and now, finally, Republicans are beginning to see that the collateral damage will extend far beyond the 2006 midterms.

May I present Ed Rollins, yesterday:

"The country doesn't believe George W. Bush, it doesn't trust him, and with 19 months to go it's only going to get worse,'' predicts Ed Rollins, a Republican strategist who ran Ronald Reagan's 1984 presidential campaign. "There is nothing the president can do to get his (poll) numbers back up."

On the other hand, my prediction that Fredo would be gone is one for the "Dewey beats Truman" pile.

The Gonzo show is stunning in its chutzpah, and its apparent effectiveness. In essence, the Administration "La la la la la I can't hear you" defense has largely flummoxed the Congress and most of the press has, predictably, gotten tired of the story. The tactic of letting Gonzo twist in the wind is an informal proof that Rove is in it deep. The White House will do whatever it take to protect Rove, and if the Attorney General has to be slowly dissolved like a human sacrificial anode, so be it. He may in fact never leave -- every time he testifies on The Hill, his statements become inoperative before he can get back to his office, yet back to his office he keeps going, and the world seems to have accepted the notion that this is an unavoidable outcome.

No more Gonzo soothsaying for me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Doesn't Congress have the authority to jail for comtempt? Why are they putting up with this inept buffoon, Gonzales? Put his ass in jail until he's cured from the 'I don't knows'. He'll sing like a canary.

9:24 AM  
Blogger bluememe said...

The good news/bad news about Congress and the de facto lifetime tenure most members have is that they tend to think in the long term. Good because their responses have been short on flashy stunts (like jailing the AG); bad because thousands will die in Iraq while they position themselves for the 2008 election.

10:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gonzo is nothing more than a carcass upon which all the naysayers and unwashed masses may heave their discontent and bile.

The show will go on until the man behind the curtain gets his lever thrusting hands glued to his own ass.

11:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

America, am I the only one who…

Thinks that "quiet revolution" was one of the dumbest things ever uttered by anyone anywhere (except for maybe "change from within" or "let the experts handle it" or "we'll just have to get along" or "it'll go in your permanent record" or …)?

Knew that we WOULD have to go through a Vietnam scenario again because THE people didn't actually end the first one? (It was stupidity and arrogance on Nixon and Kissinger's part that finally killed that monster, not a peace movement that thought you could vote out the bad guys. Otherwise, for example, one Donald Rumsfeld would have had a large Red A branded on his forehead in the 70's, for arrogance, and we would have one less excuse for where we are today. If THE people had learned then, there would be a lot less to learn now.)

Am I the only one who knows that short of a revolution the RATE of the descent of the empire may rise and fall, but the descent will continue unabated, while the rest of the world cowers in the face of the destructive energy wielded by increasingly unstable madmen?

Who thinks that true obscenity lies in the words "Not now, later..." whether spoken to a child, a political movement, or a nation?

Is sure that sliding a barrier out in front of a speeding tank at the last moment is not a violent act, but that of a pacifist?

Or am I just the only one who got out (at no small expense) and said you fuckers are crazy and I'm not coming back if you can't get it at least a little bit right? And not for nothing I apologize to people in the real world at every opportunity for the country I come from. And I make it clear that it is not the same as the country where I was born, even though it has the same name.

Can't Americans get anything right? The devil is real even if you are a complete and total atheist, and he's leading the country (no not Bush... all the guys behind the curtain, starting with Cheney). You are handed all the proof in the world and yet people are not forming ad hoc citizens' posses -- by the dozens -- to bring the varmints (like Hadley or Rice) to justice.

How can any American ever plan on traveling abroad again if they collectively fail the test of self governance? Do you think that by ignoring the world they will ignore what you are allowing to happen in your name? Do you really believe in your heart of hearts that it will all "work out in the end" without your participation, objections, additions, contributions and real concern that looks beyond next weekend's blow-out sale at the mall. If Americans cannot find all the malevolence of the last 6 years exemplified in Paul Wolfowitz and get rid of him, then I imagine there are a lot of shitty backsides in America because you don't seem able to find anything including your proverbial asses.

So now we come to Gonzales. Are you idiots leaving him in power because the alternative is worse? Or just what is the excuse du jour? Get some spine. Overwhelm the Whitehouse email system, as individuals, REPEATEDLY voicing your belief that George W. Bush is one of the meanest men known to history and you want a change NOW. Believe me, they cannot handle 5 million emails a day and you are breaking no laws in sending them. Never mind 5 million sent several times a day, for days on end. And they sure as hell can't create an enemies list 5 million strong. cc Ms. Laura while you are at it. How about Lynne too. Pick your own different subject each time, so they can't have a machine turn down the roar. And if 5 million of you all should happen to send emails along those lines, the MSM will have to pick up the story, which could generate even more angry email. Don't like that idea? Come up with one of your own. Do something.

Anyway, it's your choice. Emails now or bullets and restricted travel later. It's too late to run away (the world doesn't want you because they know you are ignorant and arrogant and provincial) and its almost too late to stand up and fight, but what are your alternatives? Soon the only way to change course will be violent. Is that the signal you are waiting for?

By the way, the U.S. is the world's biggest penal colony, in case you hadn't heard. Guess what that makes you? Likely not one of the guards. Line up your definitions, check those against the statistics and see if you get another country more screwed up about law and justice.

Losers. Think I'm wrong? Prove it.


1:47 PM  

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