Sunday, March 11, 2007

The other inconvenient truth

From an important piece in Rolling Stone, which may or may not be relevant to whatever counterculture may or may not still exist, but has had a bunch of these kinds of truth-to-power pieces over the last couple of years:
No matter what happens now, the Islamists will have beaten both of the superpowers -- first the Soviet Union in Afghanistan, and now the United States in the heart of Islam. The impact of that in Islamic civilization is going to be enormous. We have made bin Laden a prophet: His organizing concept for Al Qaeda was "The Russians are a lot tougher than the Americans. If we can beat the Russians, then we can eventually beat the Americans.

Sadly, it sounds more impressive than it really is.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, but one has to be careful anyway because paper tigers can still give you nasty paper cuts.

The explosions that accompany the implosion of the West (as you said: a not so impressive empire to start with) will be extremely dangerous to be near (as in living in the same hemisphere or, perhaps, even on the same planet).


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