Saturday, January 06, 2007

Armageddon watch

Israel plans nuclear strike on Iran
ISRAEL has drawn up secret plans to destroy Iran’s uranium enrichment facilities with tactical nuclear weapons.

Two Israeli air force squadrons are training to blow up an Iranian facility using low-yield nuclear “bunker-busters”, according to several Israeli military sources.

The attack would be the first with nuclear weapons since 1945, when the United States dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The Israeli weapons would each have a force equivalent to one-fifteenth of the Hiroshima bomb.

Under the plans, conventional laser-guided bombs would open “tunnels” into the targets. “Mini-nukes” would then immediately be fired into a plant at Natanz, exploding deep underground to reduce the risk of radioactive fallout.

“As soon as the green light is given, it will be one mission, one strike and the Iranian nuclear project will be demolished,” said one of the sources.

The plans, disclosed to The Sunday Times last week, have been prompted in part by the Israeli intelligence service Mossad’s assessment that Iran is on the verge of producing enough enriched uranium to make nuclear weapons within two years.

Israeli military commanders believe conventional strikes may no longer be enough to annihilate increasingly well-defended enrichment facilities. Several have been built beneath at least 70ft of concrete and rock. However, the nuclear-tipped bunker-busters would be used only if a conventional attack was ruled out and if the United States declined to intervene, senior sources said.

Israeli and American officials have met several times to consider military action. Military analysts said the disclosure of the plans could be intended to put pressure on Tehran to halt enrichment, cajole America into action or soften up world opinion in advance of an Israeli attack.

Some analysts warned that Iranian retaliation for such a strike could range from disruption of oil supplies to the West to terrorist attacks against Jewish targets around the world.

...American experts warned of repercussions, including widespread protests that could destabilise parts of the Islamic world friendly to the West.

Colonel Sam Gardiner, a Pentagon adviser, said Iran could try to close the Strait of Hormuz, the route for 20% of the world’s oil.

I called this one nine months ago. And I stand by my premonition about what will happen next if this nightmare is realized.

I guess if I want anyone to listen to me, I should try being utterly and consistently wrong. Being right doesn't seem to be worth much these days.

Update: The connections drawn by RandyH and an anonymous commenter were also made by Serious Men on The News Hour on Friday.


Blogger RandyH said...

Another curious chain of events that lead me to believe you may be right is the unscheduled deployment of another Navy aircraft carrier and battle group to the area a few weeks back. That group should be in place now, just as Bush has completed all of his "listening" and is ready to make his big speech.

And now, the strangest move I've seen lately, the appointment of a Navy Admiral to head Central Command and be in charge of two ground wars. Not the best match for the job unless you are planning an upcoming air/sea war.

The polls really stink. It's time for another war to distract the people.

Here's another interesting article I just read, if interested. I don't know how reliable this guy is, but many credible folks do read his stuff.

7:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This deployment of the Navy aircraft carrier and battle group to the area is being put there perhaps to take the hit from Iran! So it can 'outrage' the American people when it does.

This administration lacks all human decency. Impeach. For god's sake impeach before it's too late.

4:31 AM  
Blogger bluememe said...

I had not drawn the connection between the Fallon nomination and my theory -- good catch, Randy.

But yesterday I did read the Richard Sale piece you pointed to, and found it chilling. Negroponte is a nasty black-bag-job guy from way back, so it is really saying something if he finds Cheney too radical.

8:20 AM  

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