Thursday, November 09, 2006

What hasn't changed

The set-your-watch stupidity of David Brooks.

The bleeding-edge NYT Online now features Bobo as blogger. Bobo unfiltered, if you like.

Here is his "there's a pony in here somewhere" take on Tuesday's meltdown, Midterm Madness - A Tide, Not a Tsunami:
Shallow people look at election returns to see who won. Profound people look for world historical trends.
Ah, yes Bobo, that's the word I associate with your work -- profound.

I’ve got my shallow side, and what I see so far is a Democratic tide but not a tsunami.... Republicans are losing, but only by a little. Defeat with honor.
Yes, David, you have a shallow side. You know how many sides a Möbius strip has? That's how I visualize your shallow side. And the utterly un-ironic allusion to Nixon's "peace with honor"... priceless.

Anyway, Bobo moves on quickly to his profound insights, most of which shockingly echo the prevailing pundit-class talking point about how this was really a conservative victory.

See David profound. Profound, David, profound!

And the deepest insight of all?
This is Joe Lieberman’s country. No the country is not with him on the war, but he’s being re-elected and he will find plenty of company in the moderate Democratic camp when the new Congress convenes.

I can't come down too hard here, because I said the same thing last Friday, and others I respect were saying it before that. The essential differences are (i) that I am not so clueless as to think that my insight was even slightly profound, and (ii) that Brooks thinks that outcome is a good thing.

And you thought his columns were pathetic.


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