Friday, November 03, 2006

This year's Florida

In the epic disaster that was the 2000 election, FLorida voters who gave their votes to Ralph Nader may have had noble motives, but the result was that they put the Bush machine within thieving distance.

I don't know the motives of the damned fools in Connecticut who seem to be supporting Joe Lieberman. But they are setting themselves up for a case of buyer's remorse that will be of a piece with the too-late national yen for a Bush do-over.

As Digby points out, this vain, vindictive and pitifully small man is likely to be the subject of a bidding war between the two parties if the Senate ends up 50-50. Joe sees the Lamont primary victory as treason, and he will feel it is his divine right to deliver retribution.

Win or lose, I suspect that Joe's DINO status ends before the next Congress begins. And if Joe wins, Connecticut voters will be asking themselves how they came to this sad place.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

But that's exactly where Lieberman WANTS to be: "subject of a bidding war between the two parties." You see, HE gets to decide. He feels he's indispensible and praises himself as the most notable and praised senator in history!

As a resident of and voter in Connecticut, I can tell you definitively, Lieberman has run one of the filthiest, dirtiest campaigns ever in state history. He has hired 'goons' to rough up the competition - and they BRAG ABOUT IT on his website.

Never had I imagined that this self-professed moralist and observant jew, was so amoral. The only voters voting for Lieberman are REPUBLICANS, who are using their vote for him as 'giving the finger' to state democrats. His war chest was built by out-of-state contributors, such as Mayor Bloomberg of New York City! And, somehow, Lieberman has managed to manipulate the polls.

I hope our voting machines are impenetrable to corruption, as I put NOTHING past the filthy Lieberman.

May he rot in hell.

9:27 AM  
Blogger Dr. Bloor said...

Lieberman will win because he managed to bottle a Perfect Storm of the corruption and disingenuity that characterizes our two major parties. How many other races can you think of where the Republican party threw the Republican candidate under the bus, and the Democratic party did the same with theirs?

Joe took this Alice-in-Wonderland situation and utilized his bestest, sociopathic Zelig-like capacities to create the appearance of being all things to all people. He's done a masterful job of it, frankly, and the fact that the Connecticut press has done a yeoman's job as his stenographer has made it that much easier.

If the Democratic pick-ups in the Senate provide us with the numbers to filibuster any future SCOTUS nominees and other equally reprehensible legislation, I don't give a rat's patootie where Joe whores his sorry ass.

Indeed, I rather hope he defects to the other side of the aisle and makes Mitch McConnell's life miserable. Exposing Chuck Schumer and Harry Reid as the disingenuous fuck-ups that they are can only make our jobs easier in '08.

6:05 AM  

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