Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Election Q&A

Does it matter?

Hell yes.

Does it mean what Rahm Emanuel says it means?


Does it mean the Republcians didn't cheat, and that the electronic voting machines worked as they should?

Yeah, sure. And Tweety was thrilled to share his anchor chair with Olbermann last night.

Is Dubya still the decider?


*As Tristero and (I assume) many others are now pointing out, Bush's decider status never rested on law. He has been ignoring restrictions on his power for years -- perhaps since the day he took office. Cheney has already announced that he intends to ignore future Congressional subpoenas. If you think this election, in and of itself, is going to change the behavior of our de facto monarchy, you are smoking crack. What this election means is that the Constitution will finally have defenders suited up and on the field. (The Supreme Court has done a lot more than I would have expected, but at best they are just the refs.) This election means that our ongoing Constitutional crisis will finally also be a power struggle, and that the battle is finally joined.

About damned time.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

". . . and that the battle is finally joined." Let democrats be not so benign and altruisic. We have finally gotten a voice. How do we undo the mess created by the counterfeit cowboy? Gird for battle!

Begin by denying the repetition of the falsehood that Americans are conservative. We are NOT. Become aware that battle is both demanding and difficult. We need, finally, to get our hands dirty.

4:06 AM  

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