Sunday, November 26, 2006

The company we keep

Garry Trudeau, shown in his Manhattan, N.Y., studio with a collection of Beatles figures, says he’s been unfairly accused of having courage.

I'm not quite ready to re-dye Mr. Meme blue again--lessee what Harry, Nancy and the gang can accomplish come January--but this goes a long way toward getting my vote.

If you want more than pictures, the whole profile of Mr. Trudeau is here, and is well worth your while.


Blogger bluememe said...

I love it. Especially b/c I just ran across a clipping from the New Yorker from the simpler times post-2000 election and pre-9/11, in which they reprinted the very first published daily comic from Mr. Trudeau, in which he lampooned the hazing rituals perpetrated by a fellow Yalie by the name of George W. Bush.


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