Thursday, October 05, 2006

What a difference a year makes

Emptywheel @ Next Hurrah has an update on Plamegate.

Remember Plamegate?

It was exactly a year ago that we are all holding our breath, waiting for Fitz to save the Republic. Think back and remember what the world looked like then. Katrina was still a fresh wound, of course, and Iraq was awful. But we were all talking about Fitzmas. We thought that was our only hope of stopping the Republican juggernaut.

Think about what has happened since then.

Fitz's case seem to be dead but for the Scooter prosecution. (It could still be revived, but that doesn't seem quite so vital as it did.)

Tom DeLay is gone.

Bob Ney is gone.

Abramoff is gone.

Ralph Reed is gone.

Duke Cunningham is gone.

Dennis Hastert is dead man walking.

And barring wholesale Diebolding, it is looking like both houses of Congress may well turn over.

Who would have thought that there would so many other alligators dismembering the culture of corruption that Plamegate would have dropped off the radar?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're right. Some ugly critters have left town, but their droppings are everywhere continuing to stink up the place, and they have progeny.

You're right about this: "And barring wholesale Diebolding, it is looking like both houses of Congress may well turn over."

And I worry that the Diebolding won't have to be wholesale to be effective. Just because they left their thumbprints and boogers all over the last 3 elections doesn't mean that they can't pay somebody to do it cleaner this time.

I'll vote here for "no Diebolding" as a safer way to go.

9:31 AM  
Blogger Eric Soderstrom said...

Oh, you're freaking me out. Diebold is my big concern. They don't have to win, they just have to get close and let the machines and shenaningans do the rest. And I read a month or so ago about how they plan on dumping a lot of money in to negative TV ads. That can be enough to make it close.

This Foley business is "good" for Democrats' election prospects, but it is really sad that this sordid issue is the thing, among so many other things, that is making a difference. Yes, it was horrible. But viewed through the prism of the lives lost in the War On Terror, and a dozen or so other reasons why the Republicans should be tossed out of office, it is just a comma.

1:29 AM  

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