Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Strange bedfellows

I starting working on a column a few days ago about the fallout from the Foley story. I may still finish it, but I have to say that a couple of columns I read today cover much of what I wanted to say, so I may not bother. Eugene Robinson has a good piece in the Washington Post today. And Stirling Newberry has a very long but important analysis at the TPM Cafe.

The bottom line is that this story has the potential to shatter the fundamentalist/Republican alliance in a way that Iraq, Abramoff and Katrina could not. And I think the Democrats are almost completely immune to the damge it will cause.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If logic, or common sense, or consistency held any sway with the assholes in charge, shattering the coalition of butt fuckers, mind fuckers, thieves and murderers might have some meaning. However, these things, these 'values' have never dissuaded power hungry fools for as far back as the record goes, and that's going some because we are talking about ALL of human history.

In short, if you're looking for entertainment 'Don't touch that dial!' If you're looking for change, start checking earth-like planets that don't take too many light years to get to.

There are alternatives to suicide, but not too many and they have to be used BEFORE you are too far gone.


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