Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Right on schedule

Your humble scribe, Saturday:
On the other hand, the Republican response should come as no surprise: the problem was that Foley was gay. Of course he preyed upon underage boys -- that's what "they" do, doncha know.

As Think Progress reports, Conservatives Respond To Foley Scandal With Anti-Gay Smears.

The William Jefferson corruption story, which the Republicans now bring up with great frequency, should actually be used by Democrats as an object lesson. When evidence of Jefferson's wrong doing came to light, the Dems quickly stripped him of his Ways and Means Committee seat and essentially declared him toxic persona non grata.

Claiming that one party is pure and 100% above reproach is folly. But what the party does after finding malfeasance -- now there is a distinction that can mean something. The Republicans embody the worst of Dubya's character defects -- a total inability to admit error, and a preference for loyalty above all else. Rummy and Rice and Foley and Hastert are the result.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

When Foley's lawyer made the political point of stating that Foley was gay, he was hoping to accuse detractors with 'gay bashing' should he (Foley) be publicly denounced. Clever. And such a republican tactic.

3:40 AM  

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