Saturday, October 14, 2006

Nutshell moment #435 has a story up about a new investigation of possible page problems for another once-closeted Republican -- Congressman Jim Kolbe. Seems he invited two 17-year olds who just graduated from the page program on a camping trip ten years ago.

NBC interviewed the two former pages.
One of them said that Kolbe was a gentleman and never acted in an improper fashion. He recalled that the pair spent time in Kolbe's house at one point — and briefly were alone with him on the trip — and that Kolbe always acted professionally and decently.

The other would not comment on Kolbe's behavior during the trip or characterize it in any way.

"I don't want to get into the details," he said. "I just don't want to get into this... because I might possibly be considered for a job in the administration."

Does that response strike anyone else as rather sad? Perhaps I am reading too much into it, but to me it seems like this guy is saying, "Sure, this Republican used his position of power to fondle teenage boys. But if I confirm the story, they won't let me into the club!"

Do kids who were molested by priests tend to join the clergy?

And I think this something very different from kids terrified of testifying against parents or other abusers with ongoing power over their lives. This guy is now in his late twenties according to the article. He doesn't seem to be in any real danger here. What he wants to protect is his ability to ascend the very ladder that enabled Kolbe in the first place. It is probably going too far to assume that he seeks the right to do unto others as was done unto him. But even if he is motivated by ordinary Republican avarice, the fact that he still sees that power structure as attractive says something chilling about him, and about the culture around him.


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And, let us not forget, about the society that supports/tolerates that culture. These guys didn't grow in a vacuum. And no, the defense that the media don't report straight so "how could the public know?" is no defense at all. Who doesn't know this shit is wrong? Who doesn't know that they don't see a real return to the public on the taxes put into the system. Who doesn't know better than to try and bid on a government contract unless you already know somebody? Who doesn't know that friends and family of the sheriff/police/state patrol/mayor/etc. NEVER get tickets, or arrested, or charged? Who doesn't know that the whole system is corrupt, that the poor really get screwed daily, that any good thing the not-poor have came at someone else's expense? Lots of people will deny that these things are true, but that don't make 'em untrue. WHO DOESN'T KNOW?

And in that case, why does anyone think it will change no matter who is in power?

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