Monday, October 09, 2006


Digby, looking past the coming election, sees the future, and it ain't pretty:
...if Democrats ever gain control of the political system, guys like Matthews and Fineman will be out there tut-tutting and nit-picking, falling back on same the fetid, moldy slogans about Democratic "taxing and spending." And I'm sure they'll call them immoral even as they try to put the fiscal house back in order after the GOP criminal gang came through and destroyed the place. These deficits will not disappear like magic --- and the punditocrisy will help the Republicans fight the necessary hard decisions every step of the way.

If the pundits can't even get this one right, after all we've seen, then they are truly hopeless. Their knee-jerk criticism of Democrats under all circumstances is a major impediment to decent, competent governance and our democracy is in danger because of it. The Republicans would never have been able to get away with what they've done without the so-called liberal media regurgitating GOP platitudes and calling it analysis for the last six years. It's only been in the face of such jarring cognitive dissonance as we've seen with Iraq and Katrina that that they've adjusted their robo-rhetoric at all.

If Democrats win in November, look for an immediate return to the standard critique of Democrats and an almost instant nostalgia for the "non-partisan" days of total GOP rule. They haven't questioned their assumptions in decades and they aren't going to start now.
The conclusion that Bush and his cabal were wrong about everything they touched is finally being acknowledged. The equally obvious conclusion that the Punditariat was every bit as wrong remains off limits.


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