Friday, October 27, 2006

Musical chairs

Two mornings in a row now, my first thought upon awaking was "Chairman Conyers." (That is, of course, Congressman John Conyers, who will become chairman of the House Judiciary COmmittee if the Democrats take control in a week and a half.)

It is not like me to wake up thinking such happy thoughts.

Cynicize all you like, TA. But I am pretty damned confident that Chairman Conyers is going to subpoena up a storm. Ditto for Chairman Henry Waxman at the Committee on Goverment Reform. If you want to get really starry-eyed, imagine Senate Judiciary Chairman Pat Leahy. They won't succeed in turning over every rock, but there will be no shortage of exposed creepy-crawlies.

Not every new committee head will be such a firebrand. But there are others: Charles Rangel will head Ways and Means; Barney Frank will head the Financial Services Committee; Louise Slaughter will head the Rules Committee.

"Chairman Conyers." Music to my ears.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm with you Blue Meme: The very thought of having some -- any! -- oversight is what keeps me volunteering and donating.

My fear is that they'll succumb to the whining for bipartisanship that the Repugs will commence...right away. (If they do succumb, I think we'll have a pretty clear indication that the netroots -- and all Democrats outside the Beltway -- are only good for providing $$ and that they have no more intention of representing us than the Repugs do.)

I keep vacillating between whether I'm hoping for payback or just the type of oversight that should have been happening all along. Either way, "Chairman Conyers" sounds good to me!

12:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since you don't seem to be talking about bread, it must be the circus is coming to town.

Of course you can get the leaders of the two major cheer leading squads to tear into each other. That's why they are there. The only question of merit is "How will that serve the rest of us, if at all?" It's goddam expensive if all it is is entertainment. What else can/will they do?

I have another comment almost ready for your 'That's why' post. It'll be up soon.


1:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the song in your head is called "Oh come all ye faithful", perhaps played on your favorite organ (the brain of course).

4:36 PM  

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