Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Lobotomy, Republican style

The right brain is outraged over the political use of homosexuality and sex -- seriously.

The other right brain is busy insinuating that the Democratic candidate for governor in Ohio is gay.

Oh, and Captain Renault is shocked, shocked.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I live in Ohio and I can tell you, if you think that was ugly, just wait and see how ugly things get if Blackwell wins. So far it doesn't look like he will, according to the polls. But the exit pools in 2004 said Kerry won Ohio...and Blackwell still runs the elections in this State. So what do I do? Go to the polls on election day and hope my vote doesn't get 'diboled' or vote absentee and hope that after the election has been certified hundreds of mail bags stuffed with absentee ballots turn up...and NOT because the Post Office didn't deliver them, though they would surly get the blame. Just another reason to sell the P.O. off to private rich hands.

3:15 AM  

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