Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Olbermann had a segment tonight on the forthcoming blockbuster book from David Kuo, "Tempting Faith -- An Inside Story of Political Seduction." Kuo worked in the White House as deputy director in Bush's highly touted Office of Faith-Based initiatives from 2001 through 2003. There is little advance information about the book online. But based on Keith's story, Kuo's kiss and tell sounds devastating, exposing the cynicism and hypocrisy underlying the relationship between the Republicans and the religious right.

Yes, of course -- the rubes won't read it. But (a) some of the shepherds will, and (b) perhaps a few of them will watch "60 Minutes" -- the corporate site does not yet list next week's stories, but the American Bookseller's Association website says "Tempting Faith" is on the roster. I expect this book to put pressure on even those televangelists and other hucksters who have financial incentives to ignore such personal affronts. This book is going to create yet another rift between the the Republicans and their enablers.

So even if the White House succeeds in pushing Foley off the front page (so to speak -- is it even possible to talk about this story with out double entrendre?), next week promises to be another bad week for the Republican coalition of the willing.


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