Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The New Enabling Act

I fear it will do no good. I fear it is too late. But my take on the torture bill is up at Raw Story. The New Enabling Act is a sort of history lesson, about the worst sort of history, and how we are repeating it.

Update: It did no good. It was too late. America -- what I mean when I say America -- is no more. The line running from the Magna Carta through Independence Hall has been severed.

Via Shakespeare's Sis, another writer sees similar parallels. And a reader points out another from Thom Hartmann from early 2005 that foreshadows today's events.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Much like Olbermann, you are preaching to the choir. Ad Hominem labeling and godwining precludes the Bedwetters from seeing that they are cheering evil in the name of spreading democracy.

Please find ways to penetrate the sheeple mindset.

6:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh my! Oh my! What can we do?

Cut the crap. If you people think there's a chance in hell of a non-violent restoration of civil/human rights in the country, and you aren't waving around the writs for a stay of the new law even before it is passed

–Stop The Presses: Congress Abdicates Illegally!! –

then you have your answer about how its all gonna turn out, and about the usefulness of non violence. Walk the walk or forget about it.

Congress is not empowered by the constitution to give up its powers, the courts' powers and certainly not the bill of rights with a stupid piece of legislation. It's not legal and it certainly can't be done UNLESS YOU LET IT!! If congress repeals the law of gravity does it make it so, or do they then just get to put away the ones who complain that things still fall DOWN?

So, I echo my comment on RAW:
The new law is not a wake up call but simply the sound of the blade in the guillotine as it falls. You aren't really gonna ask me whose head is in the slot, are you?


1:15 PM  

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