Thursday, September 14, 2006

Bob Ney to plead out

Washington — Ohio Republican Rep. Bob Ney has agreed with the Justice Department to plead guilty to at least one criminal charge in a deal that could be announced as early as Friday, Capitol Hill sources said Thursday.
Ney’s woes stem from dealings with convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff that became public in 2004. A Texas Indian tribe told the Senate Indian Affairs committee that Ney agreed to help them re-open a closed casino in exchange for political donations and a trip to Scotland to play golf.

Ney said he was misled by Abramoff and his associates. He denied wrongdoing even after Abramoff and other lobbyists for casino-operating Indian tribes pleaded guilty to criminal charges that stemmed from efforts to ply Ney with gifts including sports tickets, meals and trips, that were in exchange for official acts.

Four lobbyists, including Ney’s former chief-of-staff, have pleaded guilty to criminal charges in the case.

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