Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Where shitty talk show hosts go to die

I was wrong. I didn't think it was possible to see one's career sink lower than getting a gig as the equivalent of a rodeo clown for a bunch of beered-up Monday Night Football fans. And then I didn't think it was possible to sink lower than hosting a talk show so bad it made Jim Cramer look good, but Dennis Miller has done it again:
Dennis Miller is hardly shy about expressing his conservative political views.

The 52-year-old comedian, who has voiced his support for President Bush and the U.S. invasion of Iraq, will talk politics as a contributor on Fox News' "Hannity & Colmes," network spokeswoman Dana Klinghoffer told The Associated Press on Tuesday. Miller starts Sept. 13.


In 2003, Miller was a regular guest on "Hannity & Colmes," hosted by Sean Hannity and Alan Colmes. He also had his own short-lived CNBC political talk show, "Dennis Miller."

Miller, who delivered a fake newscast on NBC's "Saturday Night Live," also spent two seasons on the announcing team of ABC's "NFL Monday Night Football."

His HBO talk show, "Dennis Miller Live," aired from 1994-2002.
Suffice it to say, this probably won't dissuade the zoo over at Faux from dismissing the opinions of Baldwin, Franken et al as the empty bloviatings of the know-nothing Hollywood set.


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