Friday, August 04, 2006

Those cheeseburgers must be really good

Speaking of negative campaigning, Holy Joe really hits his stride during the closing days of his run for re-election. Via Stoller:

Ok, so this is instructive, so bear with me for a bit while I walk through one particular person who seemed to be spearheading he Lieberman charge at the cheeseburger joint yesterday. The Record-Journal story pointed out that the main guy harrassing Ned was named Richard Goodstein.

"It was supposed to be a laid-back event and (they) ruined it." "We're just using our right. We're just exercising our rights to enjoy a burger," said Lieber­man supporter Alex Hoffman of Boston. Supporters of each candidate debated outside on the side­walk while many Lieberman supporters continued to badger Lamont, who acknowledged most questions. Richard Good­stein, one of the most vocal Lieberman supporters, repeat­edly shouted, "Are you a Bill Clinton Democrat or an Al Sharpton Democrat?" Lamont calmly said he supported both.
Is this the same Richard Goodstein who gave Lieberman $1500 for his 2004 Presidential run? Because that Goodstein is a lobbyist in DC for the chemical and health supplies industry.

So, to review:

*The new face of the Lieberman campaign is a middle-aged, angry white guy, AND
*He's caught telling a story that requires the cognitive development of a three-year-old to believe, AND
*His professional background reminds everyone of the ongoing menage a trois between Joe, his wife Hadassah and Big Pharma (ew...I just threw up in my mouth a little).



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very nice catch about the guy being a lobby person, good for you.

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