Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Maybe the problem is the literacy rate

From the LA Times via Daily Kos: Fallujah's police force disappears
BAGHDAD, Iraq -- Hundreds of newly recruited police officers in Fallujah failed to show up for work Sunday after insurgents disseminated pamphlets threatening officers who stayed on the job, according to police officials in the restive western Iraq city.

"We will kill all the policemen infidels," read the pamphlets, "whether or not they quit or are still in their jobs."

Fallujah Police Lt. Mohammed Alwan said that the force, which he estimated had increased to more than 2,000, has now shrunk to only 100. Alwan said that insurgents have killed dozens of policemen in their homes and also attacked family members in a weeks-long intimidation campaign.

A Fallujah police major, who spoke on condition of anonymity due to a fear of reprisals, said that at least 1,400 policemen had left their jobs since Friday, 400 of them police officials above the rank of officer.

Our Lil' Orphan Annie Administration will address this problem by hiring a new cadre of recruits who cannot read, which will have the minor drawback of making it a little bit harder to teach them the words to "Tomorrow."


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