Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Fear and Loathing in Connecticut

In which The General channels HST.

The "A list" bloggers are all at pains to deny that the Lamont campaign is an artifact of the blogosphere, and I am sure they are right, but I am also amazed at how many of them (Hamsher, Atrios, Bowers, Stoller) are physically there. It won't be our win, but believe you me it will be our loss.

I'm having that night-before-Fitzmas mixture of excitement and dread. One of David Sirota's commenters summed up my feelings:
Close only counts in horseshoes and nuclear war.

Never wound the king. The progressives have taken aim. A miss will be a miss. After a string of almosts, the progressives have to get a win, and this is just about the only one out there for this election season.

Lamont wins = energized base.

Lieberman wins = dispirited base.

The word of the day is tenterhooks.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You forgot hand grenades and high school sex...

11:32 AM  
Blogger Eric V. Kirk said...

It worked out. Closer than I'd hoped, but any safe landing is a good landing.

And Bayh has already endorsed Lamont. Hillary C. just cut a $5000 check for Lamont. Kos is reporting that it's Dodd's job to "talk Joe from the ledge."

10:18 PM  

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