Friday, July 14, 2006

Your handbasket is waiting

Departures to Hell every hour on the hour.

What with the quiptillion briquettes sprinkled around the Middle East by Bush and Iran and Hezbollah and Al Qaeda who knows who else, it ain't going to take much more Israeli lighter fluid to make one giant fireball over there.

Back home, Arlen Specter appears to have successfully presided over a capitulation that makes Lee's surrender to Grant look like a win-win compromise.

Bush's untrammelled ability to bring us to the end of days will soon be realigned with his desire to get there.

I remember reading long ago about a Zen Master who, forced to retreat by a hungry tiger, fell off a cliff. For a few moments his fall was broken by a berry vine. Mere seconds before the vine would certainly give way and send him to his death, the master plucked a berry into his mouth, and said, "My, what a sweet berry!"

I'm no Zen Master. Here's the best I can do:


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