Sunday, July 16, 2006

What PZ said

PZ Meyers is one of several I've seen pointing out the obscene reaction of the Rapture monkeys to the deteriorating situation in the Middle East. Yes, they really are Praying for the mushroom clouds.

But the unique value-add from PZ is this observation:
It must be painful to be so crazy, yet not quite so crazy that you don't notice that the rest of the world thinks you're crazy.

A great throwaway line, but it triple-distills an essntial truth. It is the same truth contained in the Doonesbury strip in which the doctor asks his Creationist patient if he wants penicilin or a newer antibiotic that takes into account the way bacteria have evolved in the last 50 years. It is the same truth revealed in the fact that all but the wingnuttiest creationsits want their kids to learn evolution.

The cognitive dissonance has to be incredibly corrosive for the fundies cursed with enough gray matter to see the logical absurdity of the consequences fo their faith. Perhaps that explains the vicousness of their attacks on us -- if they were truly confident in their beliefs, it wouldn't be so easy to make them foam at the mouth.


Blogger Eric Soderstrom said...

Is there an equivalent to Revelations in the Koran?

Tue Jul 18, 10:04 AM ET

TEHRAN (Reuters) -
Iran's Hizbollah, which claims links to the Lebanese group of the same name, said on Tuesday it stood ready to attack Israeli and U.S. interests worldwide.

"We have 2,000 volunteers who have registered since last year," said Iranian Hizbollah's spokesman Mojtaba Bigdeli, speaking by telephone from the central seminary city of Qom.

"They have been trained and they can become fully armed. We are ready to dispatch them to every corner of the world to jeopardise
Israel and America's interests. We are only waiting for the Supreme Leader's green light to take action. If America wants to ignite World War Three ... we welcome it," he said.
Islamic Rapture Monkeys?

2:24 PM  

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