Saturday, July 01, 2006

Tomorrow's news today

Thursday: In a comment, Dr. Bloor predicted:

Tomorrow's headline: "Gonzales claims President has authority to issue signing statements in response to SCOTUS decisions."

Saturday: - Gonzales: Gitmo ruling 'hampered' war on terror - Jul 1, 2006

Gonzales emphasized that the court ruling didn't say "that we could not continue to hold enemy combatants indefinitely for the duration of hostilities, which was something the Supreme Court said we could do..." The prison was established in early 2002.

"That path is still available to us. The president of the United States can continue to hold enemy combatants at Guantanamo. But we are looking at ways to provide as many tools as possible to the president of the United States in dealing with terrorists," he added.

Newspapers seem reluctant to tell us what really happened yesterday. We happily tell you what is going to happen tomorrow.

No wonder they hate us.


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