Saturday, July 29, 2006


Ad Nags's article about Lieberman is making the rounds through the blogosphere this afternoon, largely because it tips off the NY Times's decision to endorse Ned Lamont over Holy Joe in the August primary:

The editorial page of The New York Times on Sunday endorsed Mr. Lamont over Mr. Lieberman, arguing that the senator had offered the nation a “warped version of bipartisanship” in his dealings with Mr. Bush on national security.
But I thought the real money quote was this one, a little further down:
“I want to assure you that I’m not surprised that I am in a fight for the Democratic nomination,” he said. “I always expected that I would have a primary challenge based on Iraq. I was hoping that God would send me a poor challenger. I am being tested with a rich challenger.”

Pretty much his and King George's plan for taking on Iraq itself. No doubt Joe sees this battle as more important than the slaughter he feels is going so well for our troops and Iraqi citizens. Let's hope it works out as well for him in Connecticut.


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